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Catalogue of ophiuroid specimens of the Department of Zoology, the University Museum, the University of Tokyo, collected by Dr. Hikoshichiro Matsumoto

Toshihiko Fujita

Department of Zoology, National Science Museum, Tokyo, 3-23-1 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0073 Japan

Fig. 1

fig. 1

Fig. 1. Hikoshichiro Matsumoto (1887-1975).

Fig. 2

fig. 2

Fig. 2. Cover and a plate of Matsumoto’s (1917) monograph of Japanese ophiuroids.

Fig. 3

fig. 3

Fig. 3. A: Asteroschema tubiferum Matsumoto, 1911, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-8.
B: Asteroschema glaucum Matsumoto, 1911, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-10.
C: Ophiocreas brevis Matsumoto, 1911, a paratype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-15.
D: Astrophyton annulatum Matsumoto, 1912, holotype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-26.
E: Astrotoma echinacea Matsumoto, 1912, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-29.
F: Astrotoma sobrina Matsumoto, 1912, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-30.
G: Ophiolebes tuberosus Matsumoto, 1915, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-34.
H: Amphiura aestuarii Matsumoto, 1915, a sytnype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-57.
I: Amphiura vadicola Matsumoto, 1915, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-58.

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