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UMUTZ- Ann-Og-35

Scientific Name Amynthas micronarius (Goto & Hatai, 1898)

Type Status

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Annelida

Class Oligochaeta

Order Megadrilacea

Family Megascolecidae

Genus Amynthas

Species micronarius


Auther (Goto and Hatai, 1898)

Locality Tokyo

Date 1891?.06

Condtion Poor (desiccated)

Reference Goto, S. & Hatai, S. 1898. New or imperfectly known species of earthworms. No. 1. Annot. Zool. Japon, 2: 65-78. [Printed 30th Sept. 1898]

“Perichaeta micronaria Tokyo”;
“No. 4”; “6/91”

Remarks Number of specimen: 2 (both ‘head’ ends, neither dissected, plus a longer ‘tail’ portion).