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UMUTZ- Ann-Og-34

Scientific Name Amynthas levis (Goto & Hatai, 1899)

Type Status Syntype

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Annelida

Class Oligochaeta

Order Megadrilacea

Family Megascolecidae

Genus Amynthas

Species levis


Auther (Goto and Hatai, 1899)

Locality Kikkuchi, Kumamoto-ken

Date 1896.08

Collector 高山

Condtion Good

Reference Goto, S. & Hatai, S. 1899. New or imperfectly known species of earthworms. No. 2. Annot. Zool. Japon, 3(1): 13-24.

Date: 明治29/8/?
Collectors: 高山
Location: 熊本県菊池

Remarks Number of specimen: 4 matures (one previously dissected)