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Report on the cephalopod collection inventory of the Department of Zoology, the University Museum, the University of Tokyo

Takashi Okutani

The Malacological Society of Japan

Type specimens of other authors

     Opisthoteuthis depressa Iijima & Ikeda, 1895 [Holotype]. Sasaki (1929) mentioned that he examined the dorsal cartilage of Iijima and Ikeda’s “original specimen”. Actually, the specimen was dissected. However, Sasaki gave the measurements of two specimens, a male and a female.   

     There are 3 specimens of Alloposus pacificus Iijima, 1902 (=Haliphron atlanticus Steenstrup, 1839). Sasaki (1929) mentioned that he examined the holotype, which had been collected by K. Aoki at Misaki on June 18, 1902. Among three specimens in the collection, two were collected from Misaki and Sagami Sea, but the date of them are March 29, 1902 and June 20, 1910, respectively. Gleadall (2003) considered that they are syntypes, and such a minor incongruences of the date on the labels and the description may due to the fact that it was either the date of collection or that of acquisition. One of the three specimens has no data.

     Thity-seven specimens of Uroteuthis (Photololigo) edulis of 5 lots are considered to be syntypes of Loligo kensaki Wakiya & Ishikawa, 1921 (Gleadall, 2003).

     None of the type specimens of Loligo uyii Wakiya & Ishikawa, 1921, L. edulis budo Wakiya & Ishikawa, 1921, Enoploteuthis chunii Ishikawa, 1914 and Moroteuthis loennbergi Ishikawa & Wakiya, 1914 was discovered. There are three specimens of M. loennbergi in the collection, but they are all non-type specimens. 

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