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国立科学博物館 動物研究部

タイプ標本 松本彦七郎 新種記載リスト

     Ophiuroid species newly described by Hikoschihiro Matsumoto (Table 1). Out of the 39 species, type specimens of 11 species are deposited in the University Museum, the University of Tokyo(Fig. 3). Present taxonomic status are shown in square brackets.

Fig. 3
Fig. 3.
A: Asteroschema tubiferum Matsumoto, 1911, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-8.
B: Asteroschema glaucum Matsumoto, 1911, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-10.
C: Ophiocreas brevis Matsumoto, 1911, a paratype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-15.
D: Astrophyton annulatum Matsumoto, 1912, holotype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-26.
E: Astrotoma echinacea Matsumoto, 1912, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-29.
F: Astrotoma sobrina Matsumoto, 1912, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-30.
G: Ophiolebes tuberosus Matsumoto, 1915, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-34.
H: Amphiura aestuarii Matsumoto, 1915, a sytnype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-57.
I: Amphiura vadicola Matsumoto, 1915, a syntype, UMUTZ-Echn-Oph-58.

Table 1

Matsumoto, 1911

Asteroschema tubiferum

Asteroschema glaucum

Astrocharis ijimai

Ophiocreas brevis [= Ophiocreas glutinosum Döderlein, 1911 by Matsumoto (1912c)]

Matsumoto, 1912a

Astrotoma sobrina [= Astrocrius sobrinus (Matsumoto, 1912) by Döderlein (1927)]

Astrotoma echinacea [= Astrothamnus echinaceus (Matsumoto, 1912) by Matsumoto (1915)]

Astrophyton annulatum [= Astrocladus annulatus (Matsumoto, 1912) by Matsumoto (1912c)]

Matsumoto, 1912b

Astrophiura kawamurai

Matsumoto, 1912c

Asteroschema hemigymnum

Matsumoto, 1915

Ophiostiba hidekii

Ophiohyalus gotoi

Ophiosmilax mirabilis

Astroboa arctos

Ophiacantha bisquamata

Ophiothamnus venustus

Ophiolebes tuberosus [= Ophiolebes tuberosa Matsumoto, 1915]

Ophiomoeris projecta

Amphiactis umbonata [= Histampica umbonata (Matsumoto, 1915) by A. M. Clark (1970)]

Ophiophragmus japonicus [= Amphioplus (Lymanella) japonicus (Matsumoto, 1915) by A. M. Clark (1970)]

Amphipholis japonica [= Amphiopholis squamata (Delle Chiaje, 1828) by Irimura (1982)]

Amphiura vadicola [= Amphiura (Fellaria) vadicola Matsumoto, 1915 by A. M. Clark (1970)]

Amphiura aestuarii [= Amphiura (Ophiopeltis) aestuarii Matsumoto, 1915 by A. M. Clark (1970)]

Aspidophiura watasei

Stegophiura vivipara

Ophiuroconis monolepis

Bathypectinura gotoi [= Ophiocrates heros (Lyman, 1879) by Madsen (1973, 1983)]

Ophioplax lamellosa

Ophiocrasis marktanneri [= Ophionereis dubia (Müller & Troschel, 1842) by A. M. Clark (1953)]

Matsumoto, 1917

Ophiomitrella stellifera

Ophiacantha aenigmatica

Amphichilus trichoides [= Amphioplus (Amphichilus) trichoides (Matsumoto, 1917) by A. M. Clark (1970)]

Amphiacantha dividua [=Ophiocomella sexradia (Duncan, 1887) by A. M. Clark (1970)]

Amphipholis sobrina

Amphiura iridoides

Ophiomaza kanekoi [= Ophiomaza cacaotica Lyman, 1871 by Irimura (1981)]

Ophiura paucisquama

Matsumoto, 1918

Astrothrombus chrysanthi

Matsumoto, 1941

Amphipholis tetracantha

Amphiura sinicola [= Amphiura (Fellaria) sinicola Matsumoto, 1941 by A. M. Clark (1970)

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