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武田正倫1) ・ 上島 励2)

1)国立科学博物館 動物研究部 ・ 2)東京大学大学院 理学系研究科


Lyreidus stenopus Wood-Mason, 1887 トゲナシビワガニ

UMUTZ-Crs-Dec-Bra 405 (1♂,相模洋ヨドミ,150尋,1898.6,青木熊吉,“Lyreidus integra, Terazaki”).

Remarks.  Although there is no definite designation of the type status, this specimen is considered as the holotype of Lyreidus integra described by Terazaki (1904), which is syonymous with L. stenopus Wood-Mason, 1887. The data written in Japanese on the label agrees strictly with that recorded in the original description as for the locality, depth, date, and collector, but it is not sure at present whether the handwritten name “Lyreidus integra, Terazaki”was written by Terazaki himself or not. However, considering that the original description and figure were prepared only on one male, together with the exact agreement of the data, we have no reason to suspect the designation of the male specimen at hand as the holotype of L. integra.

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