UMUT PA 02278


Flexicalymenid gen. et sp. indet.


Flexicalymenid gen. et sp. indet.

Kobayashi, T. & Hamada, T. 1977 p. 131, pl. 8, fig. 7


Trilobita ord., fam., gen. et sp. indet.

Kobayashi, T. & Igo, H. 1956 p. 152, pl. 10, fig. 6

Condition: Present
Preservation:Replica: The original specimen in the Tsukuba University, Ibaraki
Geologic Time:Paleozoic:
Kobayashi, T. and Hamada, T., 1977: Devonian trilobites of Japan in comparison with Asian, Pacific and other faunas. Palaeontological Society of Japan, Special Papers, no. 20, pp. i–vii + 1–202, pls. 1–13. (Reference No. 0551)
Kobayashi, T. and Igo, H., 1956: On the occurrence of Crotalocephalus, Devonian trilobites, in Hida, west Japan. Japanese Journal of Geology and Geography, vol. 27, nos. 2–4, pp. 143–155, pl. 10. (Reference No. 0190)
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UMUT Material Reports: Citation
Ichikawa, T., 1988, no. 15, p. 57. 
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