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Lora ? komakahida Otuka, 1949


Lora ? komakahida Otuka, 1949 Paratype

Otuka, Y. 1949

PreviousNo: Y-0019

Condition: Present
Taxonomy:Mollusca: Gastropoda: Turridae:
Geologic Time:Cenozoic:
Otuka, Y., 1949: Fossil Mollusca and rocks of the Kiyosumi group exposed at Minato-machi, Chiba Prefecture, and its environs (1st paper). Japanese Journal of Geology and Geography, vol. 21, nos. 1–4, pp. 295–309, pl. 13. (Reference No. 0408)
UMUT Material Reports: Citation
Ichikawa, T., 1983, no. 9, p. 116.