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Okutani, T., Fujikura, K. and Sasaki, T., 2004:
Two new species of Bathymodiolus (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) from methane seeps on the Kuroshima knoll off the Yaeyama islands, southwestern Japan.
Venus, vol. 62, nos. 3–4, pp. 97–110.
[UMUT Material Reports, no. 80, p. 28.]Reference No. 827
Okutani, T., Hashimoto, J. and Sasaki, T., 2004:
New gastropod taxa from a hydrothermal vent (Kairei field) in the central Indian Ocean.
Venus, vol. 63, nos. 1–2, pp. 1–11.
[UMUT Material Reports, no. 80, p. 29.]Reference No. 829
Okutani, T., Sasaki, T. and Tsuchida, S., 2000:
Two additional new species to gastropod fauna of chemosynthetic site on north knoll of Iheya ridge, Okinawa trough.
Venus, vol. 59, no. 4, pp. 267–275.
[UMUT Material Reports, no. 74, p. 49.]Reference No. 750

3 matching. Displaying 1 - 3