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Sinum yabei Otuka



Sinum yabei Otuka

Shikama, T. 1964 p. 106, pl. 30, fig. 18a, b


Sinum yabei Otuka

Otuka, Y. 1937a p. 28, pl. 3, figs. 6, 7

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Sigaretus (Eunaticina) papilla Gmelin

Yokoyama, M. 1929a

Condition: Present
Taxonomy:Mollusca: Gastropoda: Naticidae:
Geologic Time:Cenozoic:
Otuka, Y., 1937a: The geologic age of the Tertiary formation near Hamada, Simane Prefecture, Japan. Japanese Journal of Geology and Geography, vol. 14, nos. 1–2, pp. 23–32, pl. 3. (Reference No. 0392)
Shikama, T., 1964a: Index fossils of Japan., pp. 1–287, pls. 1–80. Asakura Shoten, Tokyo. (in Japanese) (Reference No. 0618)
Yokoyama, M., 1929a: Neogene shells from some provinces of Chugoku. Journal of the Faculty of Science, Imperial University of Tokyo, Section 2, vol. 2, pt. 8, pp. 363–368, pl. 70. (Reference No. 0496)
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Ichikawa, T., 1988, no. 15, p. 175. 
Ichikawa, T., 1983, no. 9, p. 102. 
Ichikawa, T., 1983, no. 9, p. 378. 


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Yokoyama, M., 1929a:
(Reference No. 0496)
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