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Corbicula (s. s.) hizenensis Ueji


Corbicula (s. s.) hizenensis Ueji

Shikama, T. 1964 p. 136, pl. 45, fig. 9a, b


Corbicula hizenensis Ueji

Shikama, T. 1952 p. 186, pl. 55, fig. 7a,b


Corbicula hizenensis Ueji

Suzuki, K. 1941d p. 56, pl. 4, fig. 1a-d

Condition: Missing
Taxonomy:Mollusca: Bivalvia: Corbiculidae:
Geologic Time:Cenozoic:
Shikama, T., 1952: A handbook of illustrated fossils from Japanese and their adjacent territories., pp. 1–376, pls. 1–57. Nippon Koubutu Syumi-no-kai, Kyoto. (in Japanese) (Reference No. 0617)
Shikama, T., 1964a: Index fossils of Japan., pp. 1–287, pls. 1–80. Asakura Shoten, Tokyo. (in Japanese) (Reference No. 0618)
Suzuki, K., 1941d: The Palaeogene corbiculids of northwestern Kyushu. Journal of the Faculty of Science, Imperial University of Tokyo, Section 2, vol. 6, pt. 3, pp. 39–62, pls. 1–4. (Reference No. 0417)
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Ichikawa, T., 1988, no. 15, p. 170. 
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