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Gervillia shinanoensis Yabe & Nagao

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Gervillia shinanoensis Yabe & Nagao

Kobayashi, T. & Suzuki, K. 1939 p. 217, pl. 13, fig. 20a, b

Condition: Present
Taxonomy:Mollusca: Bivalvia: Bakevellidae:
Geologic Time:Mesozoic:
Kobayashi, T. and Suzuki, K., 1939: The brackish Wealden fauna of the Yoshimo beds in Prov. Nagato, Japan. Japanese Journal of Geology and Geography, vol. 16, nos. 3–4, pp. 213–224, pls. 13–14. (Reference No. 0206)
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UMUT Material Reports: Citation
Ichikawa, T. and Hayami, I., 1978, no. 2, p. 201. 


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