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Eupachydiscus haradai (Jimbo)



Eupachydiscus haradai (Jimbo) Lectotype

Matsumoto, T. 1981e pl. Cr-68, fig. 2a,b


Eupachydiscus haradai (Jimbo) Lectotype

Matsumoto, T. 1963 p. 43, pl. 61, fig. 2, 2a

PreviousNo: I-100


Eupachydiscus haradai (Jimbo)

Matsumoto, T. 1959b p. 33

PreviousNo: I-100


Eupachydiscus haradai (Jimbo) Holotype

Matsumoto, T. 1954a [for 1953] p. 281, pl. 10, figs. 1a, b, 2, 3

PreviousNo: I-100


Pachydiscus Haradai Jimbo Lectotype

Jimbo, K. 1894 p. 175, pl. 2, fig. 2, 2a

PreviousNo: I-100

Condition: Present
Taxonomy:Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Ammonitida: Ammonitina: Desmoceratoidea: Pachydiscidae:
Geologic Time:Mesozoic: Cretaceous: Late Cretaceous:
Horizon:Yezo Group:
Locality:Japan: Hokkaido: Teshio: Nakagawa: Abeshinai:
Jimbo, K., 1894: Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Fauna der Kreideformation von Hokkaido. Palaeontologische Abhandlungen, Neue Folge, Bd. 2, H. 3, pp. 149–194, pls. 1–9. (Reference No. 0062)
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Matsumoto, T., 1954a [for 1953]: The Cretaceous system in the Japanese islands., pp. i–xiv + 1–324, pls. 1–20. The Japanese Society for the Promotion of Scientific Research, Ueno, Tokyo. (Reference No. 0219)
Matsumoto, T., 1959b: Upper Cretaceous ammonites of California. Part 2. Memoirs of the Faculty of Science, Kyushu University, Series D, Special Volume 1, pp. i–iii + 1–172, pls. 1–41. (Reference No. 0225)
Matsumoto, T., 1963: A survey of the fossils from Japan illustrated in classical monographs. Part 10. Kotora Jimbo (1894): Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Fauna der Kreideformation von Hokkaido. Palaeontological Society of Japan, 25th Anniversary Volume, pp. 41–48, pls. 60–68. (Reference No. 0226)
Matsumoto, T., 1981e: Ammonoids from Japan, 9 (Upper Cretaceous ammonites, 17) Atlas of Japanese fossils, no. 52-311, 4 pp., pl. Cr-68. Tsukiji Shokan Publishing Co., Ltd., Tokyo. (in Japanese) (Reference No. 0588)
Tanabe, K., Ito, Y., Moriya, K. and Sasaki, T., 2000: Database of Cretaceous ammonite specimens registered in the Department of Historical Geology and Paleontology of the University Museum, University of Tokyo. The University Museum, The University of Tokyo, Material Reports, no. 37, pp. i–iv + 1–509. (Reference No. 0879)
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Jimbo, K., 1894:
(Reference No. 0062)
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