Notes to the database

The specimens documented in this database consist of the following:

SiteTall-i QalehTall-i Shogha
Clay objects59

The sites of Tall-i Qaleh and Tall-i Shogha may be referred to in the literature under different spellings: e.g., Toll-e Qaleh and Tape Shoga. The present volume follows the author’s convention.

The present volume deals with potsherds and clay objects only, while the department’s collection from Tall-i Shogha includes nine complete pottery vessels as well. The complete vessels have been published in a previous catalogue (Part 9: West Asian Pottery Collected by the Tokyo University Iraq-Iran Archaeological Expedition. The University Museum, The University of Tokyo, Material Reports No. 76, 2006; Shoga. P1–P9).

The database lists the potsherds and clay objects of Tall-i Qaleh and Tall-i Shogha in the order of registration numbers. The missing numbers correspond to the items other than potsherds and clay objects (e.g., stone artifacts and animal bones).

The numbers shown in the reference section of the database represent the following publications:

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