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Felaniella usta (Gould)


Felaniella usta (Gould)

Iwasaki, Y. 1970c pl. N-24, fig. 3


Felaniella usata (Gould)

Iwasaki, Y. 1970a

Condition: Present
Taxonomy:Mollusca: Bivalvia: Ungulinidae:
Geologic Time:Cenozoic:
Iwasaki, Y., 1970a: The Shiobara-type molluscan fauna. An ecological analysis of fossil molluscs. Journal of the Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo, Section 2, vol. 17, pt. 3, pp. 351–444, pls. 1–7. (Reference No. 0353)
Iwasaki, Y., 1970c: Miocene molluscs from the Tanakura-Hanawa area, Fukushima Pref., 2. Atlas of Japanese fossils, no. 12-68, 4 pp., pl. N-24. Tsukiji Shokan Publishing Co., Ltd., Tokyo. (in Japanese) (Reference No. 0527)
UMUT Material Reports: Citation
Ichikawa, T., 1988, no. 15, p. 24. 
Ichikawa, T., 1983, no. 9, p. 31.