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Glycymeris cf. yessoensis (Sowerby)



Glycymeris cf. yessoensis (Sowerby)

Chinzei, K. 1961

Condition: Present
Taxonomy:Mollusca: Bivalvia: Glycymerididae:
Geologic Time:Cenozoic: Pliocene:
Horizon:Sannohe group: Togawa formation:
Chinzei, K., 1961: Molluscan fauna of the Pliocene Sannohe group of northeast Honshu, Japan. 2. The faunule of the Togawa formation. Journal of the Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo, Section 2, vol. 13, pt. 1, pp. 81–131, pls. 1–4. (Reference No. 0338)
UMUT Material Reports: Citation
Ichikawa, T., 1983, no. 9, p. 12.