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Gaudryceras tenuiliratum var. infrequens Yabe



Gaudryceras denseplicatum (Jimbo, 1894) Lectotype

Matsumoto, T. 1995 p. 91, fig. 49B

PreviousNo: I-187


Gaudryceras tenuiliratum var. infrequens Yabe Syntype

Yabe, H. 1903b p. 28, pl. 4, fig. 3a, b

Condition: Missing
Taxonomy:Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Ammonitida: Lytoceratina: Tetragonitoidea: Gaudryceratidae:
Geologic Time:Mesozoic: Cretaceous: Late Cretaceous: Senonian:
Horizon:Upper Ammonite-beds (Scaphites beds):
Locality:Japan: Hokkaido: Rumoi: Obira: Opiraushibets:
Matsumoto, T., 1995: Notes on gaudryceratid ammonites from Hokkaido and Sakhalin. Palaeontological Society of Japan, Special Papers, no. 35, pp. i–vi + 1–152. (Reference No. 0731)
Tanabe, K., Ito, Y., Moriya, K. and Sasaki, T., 2000: Database of Cretaceous ammonite specimens registered in the Department of Historical Geology and Paleontology of the University Museum, University of Tokyo. The University Museum, The University of Tokyo, Material Reports, no. 37, pp. i–iv + 1–509. (Reference No. 0879)
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Yabe, H., 1903b: Cretaceous Cephalopoda from the Hokkaido. Part 1. Lytoceras, Gaudryceras and Tetragonites. Journal of the College of Science, Imperial University of Tokyo, vol. 18, art. 2, pp. 1–55, pls. 1–7. (Reference No. 0322)
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