Chapter 1.Introduction (Gen Suwa, Berhane Asfaw, and Yonas Beyene)
1.2.Brief History of Discovery
Chapter 2.Overview of the Archaeological Research at Konso (Yonas Beyene, Berhane Asfaw, Shigehiro Katoh, and Gen Suwa)
2.2.Stratigraphic and Chronologic Context
2.3.Site Context of the Collected Assemblages   Chapter1- Chapter2(PDF)
Chapter 3.The Acheulean Assemblages of Konso: A Site by Site Analysis (Yonas Beyene and Katsuhiro Sano)
3.2.Attribute Analysis
3.3.Selected Artifact Descriptions   Chapter3(PDF)
Chapter 4.Technological and Cognitive Advances Inferred from the Konso Acheulean Assemblages (Yonas Beyene, Katsuhiro Sano, Berhane Asfaw, and Gen Suwa)
4.2.Inter-site Comparisons: Techno-morphology and Temporal Trends
4.3.Blank Predetermination Technology
4.4.Summary and Conclusions   Chapter4(PDF)
Appendix 1. 
Appendix 2.   Appendix1- Appendix2(PDF)
Plates   Plates(PDF)