Chapter 1.Introduction (Gen Suwa, Yonas Beyene, and Berhane Asfaw)
Chapter 2.The Konso Formation Paleontological Assemblages: Collecting and Documentation Methodologies (Gen Suwa, Hideo Nakaya, and Berhane Asfaw)
Chapter 3.Stratigraphic and Chronologic Context of the Konso Formation Paleontology (Shigehiro Katoh, Gen Suwa, Hideo Nakaya, and Yonas Beyene)   Chapter1- Chapter3(PDF)
Chapter 4.Fossil Birds of the Konso Formation (Antoine Louchart)   Chapter4(PDF)
Chapter 5.Fossil Cercopithecidae of the Konso Formation (Stephen R. Frost)   Chapter5(PDF)
Chapter 6.Fossil Suidae of the Konso Formation (Gen Suwa, Antoine Souron, and Berhane Asfaw)   Chapter6(PDF)
Appendix 1.Aves Referred Materials   Appendix1(PDF)
Appendix 2.Cercopithecidae Referred Materials   Appendix2(PDF)
Appendix 3.Suidae Referred Materials and Dental Metrics   Appendix3(PDF)