The University Museum
The University of Tokyo

Bulletin No. 37


Edited by David E. Boufford and Hideaki Ohba

1998 TOKYO


Delineation and unique features of the Sino-Japanese Floristic Region
Cheng-yih Wu
The floras of China
Jin-shuang Ma and Michael G. Gilbert
Phytogeography of the Qinling Mountains and a comparison with the flora and vegetation of Japan
Tsun-shen Ying and David E. Boufford
A floristic study of the upper reaches of the Hongshui river. Southwestern China
Liang-qian Li
The forest diversity in China
Ling-zhi Chen and Qing-lang Chen
Phytogeographical affinities in the forest floras of eastern China and Japan
Guo-wen Xie
The Fansipan flora in relation to the Sino-Japanese Floristic Region
Nguyen Nghia Thin
RbcL sequence data define a cornaceous clade and clarify relationships of Cornaceae sensu. lato
Qiu-Yun Xiang and Douglas E. Soltis
Himalayan Potentilla and its relation to the Sino-Japanese Floristic Region
Hiroshi Ikeda and Hideaki Ohba
The Apocynaceae in the Sino-Japanese Floristic Region
A. J. M. Leeuwenberg
Biogeography and taxonomy of Eriocaulon atrum Nakai and E. kiusianum Maximowicz (Eriocaulaceae)
Futoshi Miyamoto and Hideaki Ohba
Cytological patterns in the Sino-Japanese Flora. Hybrid Complexes in Lycoris, Amaryllidaceae
Siro Kurita and Ping Sheng Hsu
Comparison of the pteridophyte floras of Guizhou Province, China, and Japan
Pei-shan Wang

David E. Boufford
Geological Institute, University of Tokyo
Hideaki Ohba
Geological Institute, University of Tokyo

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