Numerous people have supported me in many ways and so their help is gratefully acknowledged here. First, I express my deep gratitude to Professor Itaru Hayami of the Geological Institute, the University of Tokyo for his encouragement and critical reading of the manuscript. He has continued to give invaluable advice since I began this study upon his suggestion. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Professor Russell L. Hall, University of Calgary, Canada for his critical reading of the manuscript. I must express my hearty thanks to Associate Professor J. A. Grant-Mackie of the University of Auckland, New Zealand for useful and critical discussions, permission to observe his collections and kind hospitality during my visit to Auckland. I am much obliged to Emeritus Professor Tetsuro Hanai of the University of Tokyo, and Professor Kiyotaka Chinzei of Kyoto University, for their invaluable suggestions and encouragement, and to Associate Professor Tomowo Ozawa of Hyogo University of Education, Associate Professor Toshiyuki Yamaguchi of Chiba University and Dr. Katsumi Abe of the University of Tokyo for their kind advice, instructive information and useful dis cussions. I am thankful to Professor Minoru Tamura of Kumamoto University, and Professor Masayuki Tashiro of Kochi University for their kind hospitality and useful information during my field survey. Deep gratitude is also expressed to Emeritus Professor Akira Hase of Hiroshima University, who showed me his collection. Acknowl edgements are also due to Professor Azuma lijima of the University of Tokyo for invaluable suggestions from his comprehensive knowledge of geology. I am grateful to Mr. Junkoh Kinugasa in Okayama City and Mr. Mutsuo Kinugasa in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, and Mr. Shuichi Sato of the Board of Education, Shizukawa Town, Miyagi Prefecture for their kind hospitality during my field survey, and also to Mr. Fumio Kobayashi of the Research Institute of Cultural Property, Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture who kindly guided me to the upper reaches of the Okutone River together with his three fellow members of the Okutone Alpine Club.

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