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Bulletin No.30


Hisao ANDO

1987 TOKYO


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Geological Setting of Monotis-bearing Formations
1. Southern Kitakarni Mountains, Northeast Japan
 1) Ofunato Area
 2) Kesennuma Area
 3) Tsuya Area
 4) Utatsu Area
2. Inner Zone of Southwest Japan (including Okutone Area)
 2-1 Shallow-sea Fades
 1) Okutone Area
 2) Tsuyama Area
 3) Nariwa Area
 4) Asa Area
 2-2 "Slump" Fades
 1) Myogatani Area
 2) Shuzan Area
 3) Mukaihata Area
3. Outer Zone of Southwest Japan (including Kwanto Mountains)
 1) Ohme Area
 2) Itsukaichi Area
 3) Sakuradani Area
 4) Sakawa Area
 5) Itadorigawa Area
 6) Kubodani Area
 7) Tonegoyama Area
 8) Miyamadani Area
 9) Arase Area
 10) Misaka Area
 11) Takagochi Area
Chapter 3 Stratigraphic Distribution of Monotis
 1) Utatau Area
 2) Miyamadani Area
 3) Sakawa Area
Chapter 4 Mode of Occurrence and Ecology of Monotis
1. Criteria for Evaluation of Mode of Occurrence of Monotis
 1) Rock Type
 2) Lamination
 3) Shell Abundance
 4) Fragmentation
 5) Bioturbation
 6) Mica Content
 7) Convexity
 8) Ratio of Left and Right Valves
 9) Disarticulation
 10) Faunal Composition and Associated Fauna
2. Sedimentary Environment of Monotis Beds in Japan
3. Paleoecology of Monotis
Chapter 5 Morphology, Intraspecific Variation, Ontogeny and Relative Growth
1. Major Morphological Features
 1) Terms and Parameters
 2) Ornamentation
 3) Byssal Auricle and Notch
 4) Ligament
2. Intraspecific Variation
 1) Frequency Distributions of Univariate Characters and Simple Ratios
 2) Bivariate Relations
 3) Variation of Ornamentation
 4) Variation of Posterior Wing
3. Ontogeny
Chapter 6 Chronological Changes in Shell Morphology and Inferred Phylogeny of Monotis
1. Chronological Changes in Some Selected Sequences
 1) Monotis Sequence in the Utatsu Area
 2) Monotis Sequence in the Miyamadani Area
 3) Monotis Sequence in the Arase Area
2. Inferred Phylogeny of Monotis
Chapter 7 Geographic Distribution and Faunal Realms
1. Paleobiogeography of Monotis in Japan and East Siberia
2. Paleobiogeography of Monotis in the World
Chapter 8 Systematic Descriptions of Monotis from Japan
Family Monotidae Fischer, 1887
Genus Monotis Bronn, 1830
Monotis scutiformis (Teller)
Monotis ochotica (Keyserling)
Monotis ochotica (Keyserling)
Monotis ochotica densistriata (Teller)
Monotis ochotica ochotica (Keyserling)
Monotis zabaikalica (Kiparisova)
Monotis mabara (Kobayashi and Ichikawa)
Chapter 9 Summary and Conclusions
Appendix: List of Examined Specimens

Hisao Ando
Institute of Earth Science, School of Education, Waseda University

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