The University Museum
The University of Tokyo

Bulletin No.28

— An Example of Occurrence of Ilmenite-Series and
Magnetite-Series Granitoids in a Batholith —


1986 TOKYO


Chapter I     Introduction
Chapter II     Previous Work and Proposal of a New Division of the Kofu Granitic Body
1) Geologic and Petrographic Work
2) Recent Work concerning the Age of Intrusion
3) New Division of the Kofu Granitic Body
Chapter III     General Geology of Country Rocks
1) Shimanto Supergroup
2) Kobotoke Group
3) Misaka and Nishikatsura Groups
4) Hornfels
Chapter IV     Distribution and Mutual Relation between Ilmenite-Series and Magnetite-Series Granitoids in the Tokuwa Batholith
Chapter V     Petrography of the Tokuwa Batholith Rocks
1) General Remarks
2) Typical Lithologic Character
3) Boundary between Ilmenite-Series and Magnetite-Series Rocks
4) Xcnoliths and Mafic Inclusions
5) Modal Composition
6) Crystallization Sequence
Chapter VI     Mineralogy of the Tokuwa Batholith Rocks
1) Amphibole
2) Biotite
3) Pyroxene
4) Feldspar
5) Magnetite
6) Ilmenite
7) Chlorite
Chapter VII     Whole-Rock Chemistry
1) Major Elements
2) Minor Elements
3) Rare Earth Elements
4) Oxygen Isotopic Composition
Chapter VIII     Discussion
1) Intensive Variables
2) Intrusion Mechanism
3) Effect of Carbonaceous Matter in Sedimentary Rocks
4) Convection in the Tokuwa Batholith Magma based on Fluid Dynamics
5) Formation Mechanism of Ilmenite-Series Granitoids
Chapter IX     Concluding Remarks

Masaaki Shimizu
Department of Petrology and Mineral Deposits, The University Museum, The University of Tokyo

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