Okinotorishima and Minamitorishima are isolated islands located at the southernmost and easternmost ends of Japan, and have a large exclusive economic zone of 400,000 km2 around them, respectively. Okinotorishima is the only tropical island in Japan, and Minamitorishima is the only island on the Pacific plate, making them an important biogeographical and geoscientific field. In addition, there are abundant fisheries and mineral resources in the surrounding waters.

In order to promote research on the two islands, it is necessary to collect, organize and disseminate scientific information that has been obtained so far. This database is a collection of articles, reports, books, conference abstracts, topographic maps, nautical charts etc. that have been published on the two islands and uploaded to the web database of the University Museum, the University of Tokyo.

In this English version database, only the materials in English or in Japanese with English abstract are listed. The materials only in Japanese are listed in the Japanese version of database.

Materials that can be made public are directly linked to pdf files from the database. Materials that cannot be made public due to copyright reasons are available at the University Museum.

We hope that this database will be widely used to promote research on Okinotorishima and Minamitorishima Islands.

Collection of documents

Collection of maps and charts

Okinotorishima Island
Okinotorishima Island (Courtesy of Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
Minamitorishima Island
Minamitorishima Island (Courtesy of the Japan Coast Guard)

The database was created by the Okinotorishima and Small Island Countries Program of the Ocean Alliance at the University of Tokyo on behalf of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The Ocean Alliance, the members and members of the program, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Fisheries Agency, t the Japan Coast Guard, and other related organizations took exceptional support in the collection of data. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the organizations concerned.